Create calendars in two clicks

CalReply is excited to introduce TV Guide Integration, a feature that makes creating calendars for television broadcasters easier and more efficient than ever. 

For broadcasters in the US, Canada, United Kingdom and Latin America, the TV Guide integration allows you to view your entire line-up of shows in the CalReply dashboard. You can search for your shows then import them as new calendars. 

When you import a show from the TV Guide, CalReply will automatically build and populate your calendar page with all of the show’s data, including calendar events for each episode, a header images and descriptions relating to the show removing the need to manually manage calendar events.


Search your current line-up of television shows, then create a calendar from any show in two clicks 


Import showS

Create a new calendar with all your show data in one click then start promoting it instantly on social media, web and television.


Any shows that you import into you account that have events in the future will appear on your #SHOWS page as you can see here:

Desktop #SHOWS Page

Mobile #SHOWS Page

How it works

For accounts enabled with the TV Guide integration, an "Import from TV Guide" button appears in your dashboard. Clicking this will reveal all of your television programming for the next 14 days. 

This new integration feature enables you to import any show currently airing on your network from the TV Guide in just a few clicks, saving you the time and energy of creating calendars from scratch. 

CalReply will automatically build and populate your calendar pages with all of the show’s data, including calendar events for each episode, a header image and descriptions relating to the show.

From there you can promote calendars across social media, via embedded buttons on your website and on television with Twitter auto-replies. 

Scheduling data is pulled from the TV Guide including day/date/time of each episode, episode descriptions, channel location and more. Here's an example of an imported event:

Set and Forget with The Magic of Auto-Sync

The auto-sync feature of the TV Guide integration means that CalReply will check for new episodes automatically each day and publish these to subscriber calendars so that broadcasters do not have to manage multiple schedule repositories. 


Time-Zone Detection

CalReply detects the time-zone of your viewers and makes sure that they receive events at the correct time in their calendar. For example, if a show airs at 10pm Eastern and 10pm Pacific, viewers will receive reminders at the right time. 

Want to learn more?

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