Today we are launching a new non-transactional product aimed at television broadcasters called CalReply. You can learn all about our new product at

But I thought ShopReply was an eCommerce platform…

At the core of the ShopReply platform is a powerful reply mechanic that can be used to respond to inbound messages from Twitter, Text and Email sources. The ability to instantly reply to an inbound message across these platforms opens up new and innovative use cases for our technology. Over time, we will be announcing new capabilities as our platform expands from a purely transactional system to a system that can enable new kinds of direct response capabilities that are both transactional and non-transactional in nature. CalReply is the first such product.

What is CalReply?

CalReply enables TV networks to drive real-time engagement and ratings by enabling audiences to set calendar reminders in their smartphones by sending a Tweet. During television commercials or within show content, audiences are prompted to send a ‘Tweet’ to add a show to their mobile calendar. Viewers that have added a show to their calendar receive a reminder alert 15 minutes before the show begins.

As you can see below, a small overlay is placed on screen with a call-to-action:

Here is an example of a TV commercial for a show that has a Calendar Reminder call-to-action integrated into it:

How it works

Broadcasters add a Calendar Reminder overlay to their show promotions to activate TV programming and commercials so that viewers can set tune-in reminders while they watch. Viewers just have to send a Tweet to receive an instant Twitter reply notification with a link to add the show to their calendar.

3 easy steps

  1. Send a Tweet to the handle on screen e.g. Tweet ‘@WGNA SALEM’
  2. CalReply automatically replies with a Twitter reply notification and calendar page link
  3. Click Add to Calendar to add all episodes of the show to your mobile calendar

Automated Twitter reply

Who is using CalReply? 

We’ve been working closely with Twitter to activate Calendar Reminders on some of the largest media properties across the globe. Our launch partners include:

The Indian Premier League is one of the world’s most watched sporting events. In the opening week of the 2013 season alone, the IPL drew over 100 million viewers. In 2014, the IPL will use calendar reminders in their global feed to prompt viewers to add a reminder for every game to their calendars.

Want to try it? Tweet @IPL #CALENDAR then check your notifications.


WGN America is a cable network in the US that is using calendar reminders on conjunction with the launch of Salem, an original series that premieres on April 20th.

Want to try it? Tweet @WGNA SALEM then check your notifications.


SBS Australia will be using calendar reminder technology across some of their largest properties for 2014 including the Giro d’Italia, Tour De France and FIFA World Cup Soccer.

Want to try it? Tweet @SBSTV GIRO then check your notifications.


CalReply is an excellent tool for broadcasters looking to provide viewers with a convenient way of setting reminders for their favourite shows, driving ratings and viewership, and more.

For more information visit the CalReply website here.