CalReply powers the Indian democratic elections

One of the lesser known ways of using ShopReply is our informational reply mechanic. Informational replies offer a non-transactional method of using our technology to enable individuals to tweet, text or email to receive a reply back containing specific information.

Today we are thrilled to announce a high profile informational reply use case whereby ShopReply and Twitter are powering ‘Tweet to remember to vote‘ in conjunction with the Times of India media group. The Times of India is the largest english language media outlet in India with a daily newspaper circulation of over 3 million copies.

Tweet to remember to vote

India is the world’s largest democracy with a population of 1.2 billion people. Voting takes place across 588 cities over a 6 week period so ensuring that 1.2 billion people know when to vote is a challenging task. Each city is assigned a polling date across 9 days over the 6 weeks. Together with Twitter, The Times of India is using ShopReply technology to enable individuals to tweet @timesofindia <cityname>’ to receive a reply via Twitter where they can add their voting date to their mobile calendar.

For example, if you tweet ‘@Timesofindia Delhi’ you will receive a reply via Twitter where you can add a calendar reminder to your phone which will alert you when to vote on your polling day. Here’s how it looks:

The User Experience:


The Times of India are promoting ‘Tweet to remember’ via a media push across their newspapers throughout the country:

We are delighted to be the enabling technology behind this momentous and innovative undertaking in the world’s largest democratic society.