With Channel Identification, your viewers can know exactly what channel to tune-in to in order to view your shows, no matter what cable provider they are subscribed to.

Here's why Channel Identification is a problem for broadcasters

In the US, the channel numbers for each cable channel differ between cable providers.

For example ESPN on Time Warner Cable might be on channel 441 whereas ESPN on DISH is on channel 121, and ESPN on Verizon FIOS is on 112.


Since cable channels are broadcasted across many cable networks, cable channels do not promote the specific channel numbers for viewers to tune-into. Instead promotions have generic messaging such as "Watch the NBA on TNT, 8/9c". 

Networks are good at promoting the date and time of a show, however the missing piece of the puzzle here is promoting what channel number the show is on.

Given the number of channels on cable networks, finding the correct channel can sometimes feel like finding a needle in haystack. 

CalReply solves this problem via channel identification, providing viewers with a magical experience.

When a viewer adds a show to their calendar, CalReply automatically geo-detects the viewers Zip Code and their cable network and ensures that every event reminder contains the correct channel number. Here's an example:


This means no more fumbling through your cable guide to find the correct channel!

When the viewer is reminded to tune-in, the reminder will contain the channel number in the calendar notification and the viewer will know exactly which channel number to tune-in to on their set-top-box:


Event Level Channel Identification

Channel identification can be enabled at the Calendar level, or per event.

Event level channel identification is particularly useful for sporting leagues if broadcast schedules are split across multiple television networks.

For example not all NBA games are broadcasted on the same channel. Some games are broadcasted on TNT, others on ESPN. NASCAR for example, is broadcasted on FOX, TNT and NBC.

Channel ID is easy to configure. When creating a new event all you need to do is choose the channel name of the network that your event is airing on and CalReply will take care of the rest:

CalReply can ensure that each and every reminder notification contains the correct channel name and channel number for the viewer.