One of the lesser known features within CalReply is the ability to add links into show reminders that encourage viewers to Tweet while they are watching TV.

CalReply includes specific functionality that makes it easy for you to create calendars that integrate with your Twitter + TV strategies. 

When setting up calendars in CalReply you can specify two hashtags, a "Tweet with" hashtag and a "Join the conversation" hashtag.

If you specify these #hashtags CalReply will automatically populate the notes section of each event reminder with two links. This can be seen in the image to the right.

The first link will be the "Tweet with" link and will open up a new Tweet pre-populated with the shows #hashtag while the second link being the "Join the conversation" link, will open up a pre-populated search for this #hashtag.

By including these links in your show reminders you are short circuiting the viewers path to start Tweeting and following the conversation.


Another strategy we recommend is including the shows #hashtag in the event reminder by adding the #hashtag to the "Location" field when creating the event. When the calendar reminder appears, it not only reminds the viewer to tune-in, but also reminds the viewer what #hashtag to use to follow the conversation. 

To the right is an example of a reminder with a #hashtag included.