Until now CalReply has focused on user experiences that drive subscriptions to single calendars, shows or events.

For example you could Tweet or click to add the schedule for a sporting league to your calendar, or a specific Television show schedule, however our customers have been requesting that we develop an experience where a viewer can add more than one show or event to their calendar via a single Tweet or click.

If you are watching TV you might want to add multiple shows to your calendar such as the schedule for X-Factor and Downton Abbey.

We've solved this problem by introducing a new feature called the Subscribe Page, and a new #hashtag called #SHOWS.

Subscribe Page

The Subscribe Page contains a listing of all calendars in your CalReply account that have events scheduled in the future. When you arrive on this page you can add any show in two clicks and you can return back to the subscribe page to add more shows if you wish. 

Promoting your Subscribe Page

We recommend promoting your subscribe page by linking directly to it from the header of your website and by scheduling social posts and Tweets to advertise this page to your social audiences. Anyone that clicks through will be able to subscribe to a calendar in two clicks.

Every CalReply account has a subscribe page which can be viewed at http://subdomain.calreply.net. You can also set up a DNS CNAME record to point to your subdomain in order white label the domain of your subscribe page, as ITV has done at cal.itv.com. Here's what the subscribe page looks like:

When clicking a show, a pop-up appears where you can subscribe to the show calendar via Google Calendar, Apple iCal or Microsoft Outlook.


We've also made it possible to enable large and engaged television audiences to subscribe to multiple show calendars by Tweeting #SHOWS to your networks @handle in response to an on-air TV promo.

To try this, Tweet #SHOWS to @ITVME then refresh your Twitter notifications to view the reply. 

You can promote this simple and generic call-to-action frequently, and swap out the calendars in your CalReply account as new content surfaces. 

Promoting #SHOWS

Promoting #SHOWS is simple - all you need to do is create a new promo, or overlay an existing promo with a call-to-action to Tweet to add to calendar. Here is an example:

We recommend creating a generic mash-up containing snippets from your most popular content, then overlaying a large call-to-action coupled with a voice over to Tweet #SHOWS to your networks Twitter @handle. 

#SHOWS is an effective 'set and forget' strategy that can be set up to run year round as part of your overall on-air marketing campaign.

#SHOWS user experience

Click to enlarge to see the #SHOWS user experience

Custom Subscribe Pages - Coming soon!

In the near future, we will be releasing our Custom Subscribe Pages feature which will enable you to create subscribe pages for specific content verticals such as Drama, Sport or Entertainment. For example viewers can Tweet #DRAMA your networks @handle to receive a reply that lists calendars that are Drama related.