You can now turn your website visitors into calendar subscribers by embedding CalReply subscribe buttons across your digital properties.

Subscribe buttons can be embedded on your schedule pages, fixtures pages, TV show pages, TV guide pages or wherever else makes sense!

Here's what a CalReply subscribe button looks like. Try clicking it:


When clicked, a calendar subscribe buttons triggers a responsively designed pop-up window that allows website visitors to add every episode, match or event to their mobile or desktop calendar in a single click.


CalReply offers 3 button layout options

There are three variants of Subscribe Buttons that can be embedded into any website. A small button, large button and a box. All you need to do is select a layout type and copy and paste the code provided into the source code of your website. 

Small subscribe button

Large subscribe button

Button Box

The button box is a 300px wide box which is designed to be embedded into your existing website and fits perfectly above or below your advertising inventory.

Where do Subscribe Buttons go? 

  • Schedule and Fixture Pages
  • TV Guides
  • Show Pages

The Subscribe Button can be embedded into your website by copying and pasting a simple line of code from your CalReply dashboard account.

How do I embed a button?

In your CalReply dashboard click the Buttons link and select a calendar. CalReply will generate embed code for you which you can copy and paste into the source code of your website.