Turn fans and followers into calendar subscribers

Social Promotion Automation is the fastest and easiest way to see instant results from CalReply. 

Do you have a large social following that is already engaged with your show, broadcast, sport or business? You can now promote directly to this audience from within the CalReply dashboard.

Promotion Automaton enables broadcasters, sporting leagues and businesses to close the loop between social audiences and tune-in engagement enabling you to send scheduled Twitter and Facebook 'add-to-calendar' posts from your CalReply dashboard, automatically. 

Use promotion automation to frequently trigger promotions like this:

Get instant results

Scheduling social posts in CalReply takes a few minutes and the results can be instant. If you already have an engaged social audience you'll start seeing your subscribers begin to build from your very first Tweet or Post. 

1 Post = Many Reminders 

Combining social audiences and CalReply is a powerful strategy. When a social follower subscribes to a calendar they are opting in to receive a reminder for every event, episode or match of your schedule.

As an example, if your schedule consists of 50 matches throughout the season, anyone that subscribes from a single social post will be reminded to watch all 50 matches without having to be reminded again via expensive above-the-line marketing. 

Posts like the example below from the 2014 FIFA World Cup can generate in excess of 1,000 subscribers in just a few hours, resulting in over 64,000 real-time event reminders being added to subscriber calendars from a single Facebook post.


Track subscribers

CalReply tracks clicks and subscribes from all posts that are sent from within the CalReply dashboard so that you can see how your automated promotions are performing in real-time. 

Promotion Automation is available for all CalReply accounts.