Formula One Revs up Engagement with CalReply via their Global Television Feed

Formula One racing travels across five continents and draws global television audiences in the hundreds of millions. It is the pinnacle of motor racing, attracting the best drivers, engineers and designers, with teams - many backed by multinational corporations - spending vast sums and employing the latest technology to gain a competitive edge often measured in thousandths of a second. 

While Europe is the sport's traditional base, and hosts about half of each year's races, the sport's scope has expanded significantly during recent years and an increasing number of Grands Prix are held on other continents. F1 had a total global television audience of 527 million people during the course of the most recent season.

With a worldwide audience, fans across the world will be watching the practice sessions, qualifying and the race in a variety of different time zones. CalReply offers the Formula One schedule to the fans adjusted to their local timezone wherever they are located. Here's and example of an on-air promotion during a race:

To add reminders to their phones, fans can subscribe to the calendar via the website, or follow prompts during the live broadcast by Tweeting @F1 #Calendar. They are then directed to a CalReply powered F1 Calendar Jump Page where they can choose to add every race event or just qualifying and the race from a drop-down menu.  


Try if for yourself

  1. Open Twitter
  2. Tweet @F1 CALENDAR 

  3. Swipe down to refresh your notifications 
  4. Click the link in the reply
  5. Click 'Add to calendar'


The Formula 1 and its teams are using their Twitter account to promote calls-to-action to build subscribers by shouting out to followers as you can see here:

Website Integration

In addition to integrating via Twitter, Formula 1 has included an "Add-to-calendar" button on their desktop and mobile websites.