With the Apple Watch set to hit the market in Q1, 2015 is most certainly going to be the year of the Smart Watch.

In 2014 over 3 million Smart Watches were sold, with analysts predicting up to 30 million Apple Watches to sell within the first year alone. Currently there are 335 million iPhone users, so it would only take 10% of existing iPhone users buy an Apple Watch to reach this number. 

Wrists were made for notifications

While it's already common to receive notifications on our smartphone screens, it’s natural and easy to quickly glance at your wrist to see if something warrants your attention - it’s a lot easier than pulling out your phone.

While this sounds trivial (a first-world problem for sure), a watch is more personal than a smartphone and is always physically connected to the wearer. When you receive a notification for a text message, email or calendar reminder, the Smart Watch will pulsate gently, attracting the attention of the wearer. 

Use Smart Watches + CalReply to drive tune-in

Given that Smart Watches pair with your smartphone, notifications for native apps such as email, messaging and calendaring will automatically appear on a users Smart Watch. This means that anyone with a Smart Watch who subscribes to receive CalReply reminders for your events or shows will receive notifications on their watch 15 minutes before your show begins.

Smart Watch reminders include:

  • Show name
  • Channel name
  • Channel number (if channel ID is enabled)
  • Gentle reminder alert on the wearers wrist

This makes Smart Watches and CalReply the perfect solution for driving real-time television tune-in.