Smartphone users around the world love using emojis to express their emotions over text and on social media, and these symbols now play a significant role in modern communication. Over 80% of mobile users between the ages of 21-29 identify themselves as “frequent users” who use emojis in their online communications at least once a day. 

Why are people so obsessed with emojis? Emojis give us the unique ability to make digital communications feel and act more human, allowing us to express ourselves in ways that words cannot. In fact, studies have shown that when we look at a smiley face online, the same parts of the brain are activated as when we look at a real human face.

It’s no surprise then, that emojis can be an incredibly powerful and effective way to communicate with your audience and can even become a pivotal part of your branding. This is exactly why you should use emojis in your CalReply events and promotions to engage your audience and play up the fun side of calendar marketing!

Best Practices for Using Emojis

Use emojis that tell a story or illustrate your brand- don't be afraid to get creative with it! 

See some examples below:

TV Networks: Use emojis that viewers will instantly recognize and associate with the show they are being reminded to watch. For example, you could use a record emoji for the show Empire or a dragon emoji for Game of Thrones.

QSR or Retailer:  If you are a restaurant or fast food QSR, you may want to use food emojis like the burger, fries and ice cream emoji to entice your users when they get the alert. 

Sporting Team or League: Use emojis that represent your sport like a basketball or baseball. This way, fans will instantly recognize which sport they are being reminded to watch when they get the alert.  

Publishers: If you are using calendars to push out content, use emojis like a book, pen and pencil or glasses to signify that users should open to the event to read of view an article. 

Use Emojis for Promotion on Social Media

The concept of using emojis to engage your audience also applies to promotion on social media. Fans are used to seeing new content constantly flooding their newsfeed, so using an emoji can go a long way in helping your posts stand out and catch users’ attention. See some best practices below:

Use a Calendar for an “Add to Calendar” call-to-action: 

Use an alarm clock to relay the idea of setting a reminder:

Use a mobile phone to indicate that the reminders will be on mobile.

How to Use Emojis in Calendar Events

You can use emojis in your calendar events by copy pasting the emoji of your choice into the “event title” field or “event description” field when you create an event. You can find the emojis you want to use on websites like

Once the emoji has been added to your calendar events, they will appear on the calendar landing page and in user calendars when they receive the alert.

Calendar reminders are already a powerful way of communicating with your audience, so use emojis to pack even more of a punch!