How valuable are your on-air promo spots?

During the 2015 Super Bowl, airtime dedicated to the promotion of NBC's own shows such as The Voice & The Blacklist was worth in excess of $50 million dollars. With ads selling for $4.5m per 30 seconds, this air time is incredibly valuable. 

CalReply offers a powerful solution and platform that can make your on-air promotional spots work harder resulting in increased tune-in and measurability. 

What is the Set Reminder URL?

The “Set Reminder” URL is a powerful on-air call to action that drives viewers to your CalReply #SHOWS page. The #SHOWS page displays your current line-up of programming in a format that is optimized for mobile, tablet and web where viewers can choose to add any of your shows to their mobile calendar in two taps. Subscribers receive notifications including your networks channel number 15 minutes before each episode airs. This is what the #SHOWS page looks like: 

    The "Set Reminder" URL takes viewers to your #SHOWS Page where they can see your content and subscribe to multiple calendars. 


The "Set Reminder" URL takes viewers to your #SHOWS Page where they can see your content and subscribe to multiple calendars. 

   Viewers can click individual calendars and subscribe to receive reminders. 


Viewers can click individual calendars and subscribe to receive reminders. 


Adding a “Set Reminder” URL to your promotions is as easy as watermarking a URL on your existing creative. The URL can be added to both in program creative, and promotion spots that air during advertising breaks. Here is an example of an in-program Set Reminder URL:


Adding the Set Reminder URL to promotion creative supercharges the effectiveness of your on-air promotions. 

Given that the purpose of on-air promotions is to advertise a day, date and time or a show, why not close the loop by adding a reminder call to action, as opposed to relying solely on viewer memory?

It’s a simple strategy with powerful results.


  • The URL is short and can fit on an end-cap or under a day/date/time watermark
  • The URL includes the text “set reminder” which doubles as a call-to-action and is easy for viewers to remember
  • Viewers can set reminders for more than one show at a time, facilitating cross promotion of your shows
  • Activate TV size audiences at scale
  • Promote the same URL across all on-air promotions

SyFy channel Integrates Set Reminder URL in their On-Air Promotions

SyFy channel is integrating the on-air “Set Reminder” URL to drive traffic to their CalReply #SHOWS page, which lists both current and upcoming shows. SyFy is airing the “Set Reminder” URL both in and out of show, and has seen a 90% lift in subscriber volume as compared to off-air only promotions. The URL has proven to be highly effective in the cross-promotion of shows. Viewers who land on the #SHOWS page are subscribing to multiple calendars, including shows that are set to premiere in the future.

User Accessibility

The major advantage of CalReply as compared to other app based technologies is that reminders are accessible to everyone with a smartphone. CalReply doesn’t require the download of a 3rd party or proprietary app, because all smart phones come equipped with a built-in calendar. By adding the “Set Reminder” URL to your on-air promotions, 100% of audiences are able to subscribe to your shows in as little as 2 clicks, bypassing the additional obstacle of downloading an app.