Don’t Rely on Outdated ICS Files to Deliver Scheduling Information to Your Fans

Up until now, if fans of a sporting league or team wanted to add the schedule to their calendar, their only option was to download a static ICS file, an outdated and inefficient tool that comes with lengthy instructions, like those on the Arizona Coyotes website below:

Besides being difficult to download, using a static tool like this has numerous disadvantages that leave your fans in the dark when it comes to vital information like schedule changes and channel information.

Why ICS Files Don’t Work

  • ICS files don’t auto-update, so if there are any changes to your schedule, fans will have inaccurate information and have to periodically re-download the file to stay up-to-date

  • ICS files do not include local channel information or take into account a users timezone. This means that if someone on the East Coast downloads the Arizona Coyotes schedule, all events will appear in their calendar in Pacific time, rendering the reminder functionality useless

  • ICS files do not carry over into future seasons so fans have to re-download the schedule every season

  • ICS files are not supported by Android phones, so over 50% of your audience will not even have the option to download the schedule to their calendar

With CalReply, we can dramatically simplify and enhance this offering via our dynamic calendars, revolutionizing the way you communicate scheduling information to your fans.

Instantly Create a Dynamic Connection Between You and Your Subscribers

When a user subscribes to your CalReply calendar, a dynamic connection is instantly created between you and the subscriber, enabling you to update their calendar events on-the-fly.

Here are the benefits of our technology:

  • Support for all calendering platforms including Android, iOS and Outlook

  • A dynamic connection between fans’ mobile calendars and your schedule means that fan calendars will always be up-to-date including the post-season schedule

  • Event reminders include the broadcast channel of the game so fans know exactly which channel to tune-in to in order to watch the game

  • Geo-location feature automatically detects where users are located and delivers them reminders in their local time zone

  • Any changes to your schedule will be remotely published to their mobile calendars, right from the CalReply Dashboard

  • Fans will automatically receive future season schedules in their calendar

  • Add your entire schedule to fan calendars instantly 

Dynamic calendars are here and it’s time to say goodbye to ICS files, once and for all. Your fans will thank you for it!