Mobile Website Buttons

Calendar buttons can be used on your mobile site, enabling visitors to subscribe to your calendars from their mobile devices. Because the large majority of CalReply’s traffic comes from mobile, it is imperative that fans have the ability to subscribe from your mobile pages, in addition to desktop pages. Having these buttons across your mobile properties can increase your subscriber growth by at least 3-4x and is the best way to convert mobile website visitors into calendar subscribers.

For example, Rugby World Cup has included the “Add to Calendar” button on the "Fixtures" page of the their mobile website. Clicking on the calendar button redirects users to the Rugby World Cup SmartCal page, where they can subscribe.

"Add to Calendar" Button on Fixtures page of Rugby World Cup mobile site.

"Add to Calendar" Button on Fixtures page of Rugby World Cup mobile site.

In-App Integrations

Calendar buttons can also be integrated into your native app, enabling users to subscribe to your calendars from your app. There are two options for doing an in-app integration. The first is to include an "Add to Calendar" button on the schedule or events page, which, when clicked, would direct users to an iFrame of the calendar page, where they can subscribe. For example, see the Rugby World Cup app below:

Fans can click the "Add to Calendar" button from the Fixtures page to download the calendar from the app.

The other option would be to use CalReply’s Feed feature to embed native subscribe buttons in the app, which, when clicked, would generate a "subscribe" pop-up. All reminder data is powered by CalReply and shows within the reminder panel reflect calendars in your CalReply account. Implementation is as easy as calling a JSON feed URL and listing the calendar names and icons in your app. For example, see below:

Fans can click to subscribe to shows from the Syfy App. 

Adding mobile and in-app buttons will allow you to capitalize on the overwhelming majority of traffic coming from mobile and will substantially increase your subscriber numbers. For this reason, calendar buttons on your mobile and in-app pages are a must.