If you’re spending money on ads, close the loop with an "Add to Calendar"  or "Set Reminder" Call-to-Action

Using paid media like promoted Facebook and Twitter posts, endemic ads, run-of-site and paid google search can go a long way in gaining exposure for your calendars and boosting your subscriber numbers.  Its a simple, but powerful strategy.

Follow these best practices to get the most out of your paid promotions:

  • Use Images: Social media posts with visuals get 120 percent more engagement and 3 percent more Likes.

  • Keep Content Fresh and Engaging: Continually rotate images and copy so users aren't seeing the same message repeatedly

  • Be Mobile: Over 80 percent of daily Facebook and Twitter users are accessing the site on mobile devices, so ads need to be optimized for mobile.

Example of paid endemic banner ad running on CBS Sports website

Example of paid endemic banner ad running on E! Online website

  • Include a Strong, Clear Call-to-Action: Provide explicit instructions by telling users to click the calendar link, as opposed to just "add to calendar" which may be ambiguous. For example, you can say something like "Click here to set reminders and never miss an episode!" 

  • Be Relevant: Promote heavily in the days/hours leading up to a big event, when excitement is at it's highest.

FOX promoted daily countdown posts that led up to the premiere of the show Empire 

  • Provide Incentives: Emphasize that the CalReply tool is free and easy to use

  • Watch and Learn: Try several different messages and CTA's and keep track of which campaigns are performing the best. The best way to do this is by appending utm_source tags to all of your paid campaign URLs, enabling you to track the analytics in the CalReply dashboard.

For example, if you are running a paid google search campaign, the appended URL would be:


You will then be able to attribute the number of subscribers by source (i.e. Paid Google Search) in the CalReply dashboard. Keep an eye on how your campaigns are performing and over time you can narrow down which campaigns are most effective at driving subscribers, and getting you the most bang for your buck. 

By infusing some cash into your promotion strategy, you can ensure that audiences everywhere, not just die-hard fans and followers, have the opportunity to become calendar subscribers.