Major league sports in New York have a long and rich history.  Throughout the years, names, mascots and logos may have changed, but one thing has remained consistent: MSG Network’s comprehensive coverage of each and every action packed face-off. Generations of dedicated New York fans have relied on MSG Networks to tune-in and watch all of their favorite teams.  

MSG Networks has turned to CalReply to make it easier for fans to tune-in and never miss a game by integrating CalReply into on-air promotions across their various New York franchises.

In a short promotion, MSG Networks invites fans to sync their personal devices to every league game via CalReply. Here is an example:

MSG Networks drive fans to a multi-team calendar page using the link

Additionally, by adding “/teamname” to the end of the url, users can be directed straight to team calendar pages, for example


With the use of on-air promotions, MSG Networks doubled their subscribers in just the past three months and the numbers are continuing to grow at a steady rate. 

Additionally, not only will subscribers have access to events and receive reminders for all regular season league games but as schedules update, CalReply will automatically sync schedule updates, play-offs and future seasons as well.  

Another feature of CalReply is Channel Identification which ensures that fans know where and when to tune-in. On top of broadcasting ten professional franchises with coinciding games played across multiple MSG channels, there are seemingly endless combinations of providers and locations that lead to multiple positions on the cable dial. Users simply enter their zip code and TV provider at the time of subscription and each event will include channel information. 

CalReply offers sports broadcasters and television networks alike a unique opportunity to drive user engagement, season after season through dynamic calendar access. With real-time reminders, fans never have to worry about schedules, leaving them to do what they do best, enjoy the game.