Mobile usage continues to be ingrained in the daily lives of consumers, and companies have raced to market on mobile and social media.  Yet, with 42% of internet usage still conducted on a desktop or laptop computer, web browsers are a focal point in targeting the multi-channel individual. CalReply’s Browser Notifications feature is the optimal solution to connect with website visitors in real-time to boost engagement and site traffic. 

FOX, one of the largest television networks, partnered with CalReply to bring viewers calendar reminders and browser notifications to optimize the tune-in experience.  After finding success on the individual show level, FOX implemented browser push notifications dedicated to all the best events and content across the network.  These notifications provide a channel for FOX to stay connected with viewers. 

When visitors land on, they are greeted with a pop-up invitation to activate push notifications. Once access is granted, they can immediately begin receiving notifications, regardless of the website opened on the browser. Up-to-date release information is generated that redirects the subscriber to germane FOX articles. 

CalReply’s browser push notifications allow companies to provide timely and targeted content that re-engage consumers.  Consequently, companies can rest assured that important notifications are delivered and subscribers are directed to relevant site content instead of relying on traditional site-traffic alone.  Browser notifications expand the ability to reach and connect with users on an ubiquitous device that still accounts for almost half of internet usage.

Today’s consumers are inundated with data overload across several different devices but web browsers have remained a significant communication vehicle.  Leveraging browser notifications establishes long-term relationships with anonymous site visitors, and through targeted messaging re-engages users while providing subscriber relevant page views.