FOX has partnered with CalReply to enable viewers to set reminders for their full  lineup of over 15 shows and one-­off special events. Using CalReply’s technology, viewers can add the entire season of a FOX show to their mobile calendar and receive an alert to tune­-in 15 minutes before new episodes air. Fans also know exactly which channel to go to since every reminder includes channel ID, a CalReply feature that enables the channel number to come through with the reminder based on zip code and cable TV provider.  In less than a year, CalReply has sent over 7 million event reminders, proving TV viewers are eager for a solution that reminds them to tune-­in to their favorite shows.


FOX NOW Catch-­up Alerts with Deep Links to Stream

In addition to providing tune-­in reminders before new episodes, FOX has also introduced catch-­up alerts into subscriber calendars, which notify viewers when the full episode is available to watch online. Each reminder includes a deep link to stream the episode on the FOX NOW app, or a user can open the event to begin watching the episode instantly on whatever device they are on (mobile, tablet, or desktop).

Given that consumers are increasingly likely to consume content online as opposed to on television, providing links to watch the episodes in the FOX NOW app is extremely convenient and encourages fans to stay up-­to-­date, even if they missed the episode the night before. It also drives app engagement and downloads for fans who don’t already have the FOX NOW app installed.


FOX has taken a comprehensive and multi­-faceted approach to promoting their calendars, which has played a crucial role in their success with CalReply. FOX is promoting their calendars across all marketing channels including digital, social media and YouTube, and has seen high engagement and conversion rates across all verticals.


FOX has placed “Remind Me to Watch” buttons on all of their website show pages, right under the date and time of each show. 

FOX has also included the “Remind Me to Watch” buttons on the schedule page of their website. 

The FOX website buttons are also optimized for mobile, allowing FOX to capitalize on the majority of CalReply’s traffic, which comes from mobile. Based on the subscriber analytics that come as part of the standard CalReply package, we can see that 47% of FOX’s subscribers subscribed via mobile (iOS). 


FOX has been regularly promoting their show calendars on their official social media pages, including Twitter and Facebook. Every post includes a “Set Reminder” or “Add to Calendar” call-­to­-action, an engaging image and a calendar URL that fans can click to  subscribe.

YouTube Annotations

FOX also used YouTube annotations to convert viewers into calendar subscribers from show trailers and clips on YouTube. For example, in the weeks leading up to the  premiere of the X­-Files reboot, FOX added a call-to-action on all official trailers that said  “Set a Reminder for the Premiere!”

This enabled fans to take an action and set a reminder right from the trailer, which was an ideal point of conversion. The analytics show that almost 60% of users who clicked on the YouTube annotation converted into calendar subscribers, which is an incredibly strong conversion rate.

What the fans are saying

Fan feedback for the FOX calendars has been overwhelmingly positive and many fans have taken to social media to express their gratitude for the ability to set reminders for their favorite shows. Fans have also used CalReply’s “share” functionality to share the calendar link on their own social media pages, encouraging their friends and family to download the calendars as well. Read some feedback below:

FOX has utilized all that CalReply’s technology has to offer, integrating it at every marketing touch point including digital, mobile and social media. Now, with over 7 million event reminders seeded into user calendars, FOX can ensure that viewers are tuning into their programming for every episode, every season, with just one click.