On April 18th, popular daily newsletter publisher theSkimm launched their new calendar app,  Skimm Ahead, which is powered by CalReply’s dynamic calendaring technology. The app keeps consumers up-to-date with everything important going on in the world by syncing curated content and upcoming events right into their mobile calendar. This includes everything from political debates, to Netflix premiere dates, to Beyonce tickets going on sale - anything and everything that informed millennials want to know about to stay on top of pop culture and current events.

theSkimm approached CalReply to power the app by building an API that enables consumers to subscribe and unsubscribe directly from the app. By integrating with CalReply’s API, Skimm Ahead users are asked to subscribe during the app’s on-boarding process and all events are automatically synced into their calendar. theSkimm is using CalReply’s easy-to-use CMS to manage and publish curated content into subscriber calendars, allowing them to continually add new events and update events on the fly.

theSkimm is also using CalReply's paywall feature to ensure that the subscriptions are individually gated so that users can only subscribe after paying the $2.99/month subscription fee. The protected subscription also ensures that subscriptions cannot be shared between users, as each subscription requires a unique ID.

Since launch, the app has been met with an overwhelmingly positive reception from the both the media and public alike. The app is being hailed as an innovative and revolutionary new product in numerous publications including Vogue Magazine, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and Business Insider. Celebrities are also embracing the app and encouraging all of their fans on social media to download it, heightening the buzz and excitement around the new offering. See some examples below: 

Consumers who have downloaded the app are leaving positive reviews on the app store, saying things like “where has this been all my life?” and “simply amazing”.

Needless to say, CalReply’s partnership with theSkimm has already been a smashing success and the Skimm Ahead subscriber base continues to grow every day. Skimm Ahead is proving that CalReply’s model of delivering curated content through calendar alerts is incredibly valuable to publishers, offering a powerful new way to engage audiences.