CalReply is thrilled to roll-out a new feature that facilitates the cross-promotion of calendars, encouraging users who just subscribed to one calendar to subscribe to other calendars in your account. The “Thank You” page appears after a user subscribes to provide confirmation that the subscription was successful, and to list other calendars in the account so that users can discover and subscribe to other content.

The best way to grow your subscribe base is to turn users who subscribed to one calendar into users who subscribe to multiple calendars. If the user has already taken the action to subscribe, it is clear that they interested in your content and are willing to add your schedules to their calendar. Why not offer them the ability to add other calendars that they might be interested in as well? This cross-promotion goes a long way in increasing engagement and growing the subscriber numbers in your account.

From a user perspective, this feature is incredibly convenient as it enables fans to not only subscribe to more calendars, but to discover new and upcoming content as well. For example, a user may land on the FOX calendar for the popular and long-running show New Girl and after subscribing, see the calendar for an upcoming premiere like “Coupled.” If the show looks like something they would would be interested in, they may add it to their calendar as well, even though it has not premiered yet. For TV networks, it is incredibly important to create awareness and generate buzz and excitement for all of your shows, especially ones with upcoming premieres. There is no better way to ensure that viewers know about your new shows than by adding the date and time directly into their personal calendar. It’s a win win situation.

So far, conversion rates on the “Thank You” pages across all CalReply accounts have been very high, indicating that there is high user engagement and strong demand for this type of cross-promotion. At CalReply, our goal is to continually improve the product and add new features that make your account more successful and the “Thank You” page is a great new addition that does just that.