Mediaset Spain is the largest television network in Spain with a collection of channels reaching viewers with a variety of interests, from sports to children’s shows and more. Futbol Mediaset, their football channel, has partnered with CalReply to promote the Euro 2016 schedule.

Futbol Mediaset used a combination of television, Twitter, Facebook and website integrations to promote their calendar during Euro 2016, however, we wanted to highlight their use of the Facebook Messenger Bot as a new and innovative way to drive subscriber growth.

Facebook Messenger Bot Integration

Mediaset extended their existing Facebook Messenger Bot to include a new keyword that would reply with a link to their Euro 2016 CalReply calendar page. When users send a message containing the word “Calendario” (Calendar), the Bot was configured to automatically reply with a calendar URL, allowing them to sync their mobile calendar to the Euro 2016 schedule in 2 clicks.

Video Demonstration  

Mediaset created a short video which they posted on Facebook that demonstrates to their followers how to request the calendar from the Facebook messenger bot. The Facebook bot proved to be twice as effective as other reply-based strategies. Watch the video below to see how it works:


Easily accessible by users

In order to sync to calendar, users send a Facebook message to Futbol Mediaset’s messenger account with the word “calendario”. Instantly, the user receives a reply containing the calendar URL where they can click “Add to Calendar” and the games will appear in their calendar for the remainder of the Euro 2016. All in a matter of seconds!

Many brands and companies have very large audiences that are loyal to Facebook, so using a messenger bot mechanic can provide you with an innovative and accessible way for fans to request a calendar sync. If you’re new to Facebook Messenger Bots, you can read about the API they have available here