Enable Real-time Notifications and Engage Audiences at Scale

CalReply is thrilled to roll-out Browser Notifications, enabling you to drive real-time engagement by sending notifications to your users, even when they're not on your website. Browser notifications are just like mobile push notifications but without the need to have an app installed to receive them. This makes them an incredibly powerful way to communicate with your audience as you can message your subscribers anytime, bypassing the oversaturated consumer inbox.

For example, you can use notifications to inform your subscribers about a TV show, a new YouTube video, a sale, a new blog post or even notify users who have abandoned their shopping carts about a deal to secure a sale.

You can also link your browser notifications to your existing CalReply calendar schedules so that scheduled events are pushed to your audience when they begin, or manually compose and trigger browser notifications from the CalReply dashboard, as seen below:

4 Benefits of Using Browser Notifications to Communicate with your Audience

There are many advantages to using browser notifications as a marketing channel, especially when compared to some of the more conventional methods like email and app notifications.

Here are some of the major benefits of using Browser notifications:

  • 10x More Effective Than Email - On average, Browser notifications are 10x more effective than email, with click-thru rates of up to 20%. Consumer inboxes are already saturated with marketing emails, most of which go directly to their spam or trash folder without ever being opened. Browser notifications are much less messy than emails, as they are quick to deal with and manage. They are simple, uncomplicated messages that provide only the essential information, making them user friendly and effective. 


  • Message your Audience in Real-Time - Bypass the inbox by delivering real-time notifications, even if users are not on your website. Unlike email and other marketing channels, Browser notifications can be pushed out to your audience instantly, making them perfect for communicating time-sensitive or urgent information like a last minute sale or update to an event. Users do not have to be on your website to get the notifications, ensuring that  they see the message every time, in real-time.  


  • 25% Opt-in rates - Opt-in rates for Browser notifications are around 25%, which is 5x higher than standard opt-in rates. For example, the majority of users who download an app do not opt-in to receive notifications during the on-boarding process and if they do, over 60% eventually opt-out. Opt-in rates for browser notifications are almost 5x higher and the opt-out rates are very low, ensuring that consumers who want your notifications will always receive them.


  • Build a Mobile Audience - Build a mobile audience that you can message without an app. The major advantage of Browser notifications is that a user only needs to opt-in once from your website, as opposed to having to download an app.  Downloading an app can be a huge barrier for consumers, especially if it is behind a paywall. Browser notifications enable you to message your audience on mobile anytime, without a paying for or downloading app. That’s powerful.

Browser notifications are an incredibly valuable marketing channel for brands that want to stay connected and relevant to their audience.  If you’re not already using browser notifications, you should be, and CalReply is just the tool to help you do it.