With the Rio 2016 Olympic Games set to begin on August 5th, Seven has partnered with CalReply to deliver a ground-breaking CalReply solution where all audiences can synchronize their digital calendars to the Australian Olympic schedule and receive reminders in their native calendars minutes before important live Rio events begin.

Given the time-zone differences between Australia and Brazil, staying on top of all the Olympic Games schedule is a challenge. By syncing to the “Olympics on 7” calendar, users will have key events added directly into their mobile and desktop calendars so they can be reminded when events air on live television.  With prime time events taking place across mornings Australian time, CalReply calendar reminders will play an essential part in driving audiences to view key events.

The calendar events have been curated by Seven’s Olympic editorial team to ensure Australian fans receive notifications for the events that matter, including: 

  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Australian Gold Medal and Gold Medal hopeful events
  • Australian team events such as Hockey, Rugby, Basketball, Rowing and Swimming and Cycling
  • Popular events such as major Track and Field events, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, 100m Sprint, Cycling and more 

To subscribe to the Olympics on 7 calendar, visit https://www.seven.com.au/rioreminders and click “Add to My Calendar”, or watch this short clip to see how it works:

Each calendar event reminder contains a short synopsis of the event, world record and Olympic record statistics. Calendars will automatically be updated if last minute schedule changes occur.

In addition to the calendar offering, for the first time ever, Seven will be streaming all free-to-air events via the New Olympics on 7 app and via www.seven.com.au/olympics.  Each calendar reminder will contain a link to stream the event live from their mobile device or desktop computer. 

“The CalReply platform is a breakthrough for sporting events such as the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. With over 3,000 hours of live programming and 190 countries participating, having key Australian events in their calendars is extremely convenient, and better yet, being able to stream the events in a single click from within your calendar, on any mobile device is the ultimate user experience for anysports fan” said Brad Lindenberg, CEO of CalReply.

Clive Dickens, Seven’s Chief Digital Officer, said: “Our Olympics on 7 strategy aims to ensure all our Rio live coverage is truly unmissable by turning every connected screen into a Television. Our new partnership with CalReply is a significant digital development for us and we are delighted to be working with them.”

Commenting, Kurt Burnette, Seven’s Event Director, Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games, and Chief Revenue Officer, said:  “Our vision is for these to be the truly unmissable Olympic Games. The calendar alert is a simple and effective tool to help consumers never miss their favourite event no matter where they are . Our partnership with CalReply allows for the delivery of a simple real-time reminder to watch Olympic events wherever you are: Australians are the winners.”