Since the beginning of television, TV networks have relied on their ability to drive viewership by promoting shows to their own audiences during advertising breaks. Every ad break generally has a promotion for other content on the network with messaging to tune-in and watch at a specific date and time, for example "Watch X-Factor, 9pm on Sunday".

In July, ITV took their CalReply activation to new heights with the launch of ITV.COM/REMINDME.

ITV Remind Me is a call-to-action and short URL that is incorporated on the end-cap of promotions for upcoming ITV shows, and is accompanied by a voice over which allows audiences to add any ITV show to their mobile calendar.

Here are some examples of an ITV on-air promotions that incorporate the ITV.COM/REMINDME URL's on their end caps:


DCI Bank

Cold Feet

When viewers visit ITV.COM/REMINDME they are presented with a list of upcoming and existing shows on TV which they can add to their mobile calendar instantly:

Once a viewer has subscribed to a calendar, they will receive reminders 15 minutes before each episode airs with a link to stream the episode on their mobile device via ITV Hub. 

Since incorporating CalReply into their on-air promotion spots, ITV have grown their subscriber base by more than 400%, quickly becoming one of the highest growth accounts on the platform. In addition to this, each calendar subscriber is subscribing to an average of 2.40 shows per engagement. 

Television networks and sports broadcasters looking to drive audience engagement are increasingly turning to CalReply to supplement their marketing mix. CalReply provides for a powerful and mobile real-time reminder mechanic offering a convenient way of never forgetting when their favourite shows are set to air.