The schedule or fixtures page of a sports team, league or broadcaster is usually one of the most visited pages on their website.

When the 2016-2017 NBA schedule was announced this week, the Cleveland Cavaliers configured a light box to appear over their website that linked directly to their CalReply calendar page where fans could download the season calendar instantly. 

Light boxes are powerful engagement tools that allow for a 100% share of voice environment which enables fans to be presented with messaging that is relevant to the schedule they are visiting. Here is an example of the light box that the Cavs are using:

Here's an example of the Premier Boxing fight alerts light box:

Setting up timed light boxes

As you would have seen on this page, a light box appeared 5 seconds after it loaded which prompted you to add the Cavs schedule to your calendar. The call-to-action was a static image that was linked to their CalReply page.

In order to trigger a light box on this page, we used a tool called OptinMonster which allows you to set up engagement components such as light boxes, then customize them to launch based on specific rule sets such as the URL of the page. Multiple campaigns can be set up with different creative and different targeting rules.

Here are two example light box creatives that can be set up to trigger on two different schedule pages:

Pop-ups drive 1375% more subscribers

Opt-in's that are triggered as a pop-up window drive 1375% more subscribers than sidebar and or header/footer opt-in calls to action. After 8 months of testing, we have found that light box's have driven over 27,000 additional subscribers for one particular client versus a sidebar form which had a subscription rate of .4% versus the light box which converted at 5.5%.


When linking to calendar pages from a light box, make sure to append a utm_source tag to your calendar page URL so that you can attribute subscribers directly to your light box, or to a specific light box creative if you are running multiple versions. You can read more about how to track your calendar subscribers using UTM parameters here.

Light boxes are a powerful and easy way to turn existing website traffic into calendar subscribers.