With the release of iOS 10, Apple has made huge improvements to the UX of the Calendar experience.

In iOS 10, Apple has revamped the home screen and notifications. Now, the next event in your calendar is the first item on the list of home screen widgets. Even above iMessage and Mail! Calendar events are now guaranteed to be seen whenever anyone unlocks their phone - increasing your share of voice across mobile by ensuring your upcoming events are front of mind.


iOS 10 home screen

The next event in your calendar is surfaced on the new iOS 10 home screen enabling you to use CalReply to push your events to the top spot on mobile which is viewed every time a user unlocks their phone. 



Deep Linking into Calendar Events

Previous versions of iOS it would simply open up the calendar app however now iOS 10 now links users directly into the calendar event view. By deep linking directly into the event view, users are presented with useful calendar information such as event details and links where they can take action and engage further. Calendar event content can be modified directly from the CalReply dashboard enabling you to dynamically and remotely publish and update events into the calendar. 



Notify > Tap > App

There is no better user experience than receiving a reminder for an event, and then watching the event in a single tap. The iOS 10 calendar experience allows just that. If you're app supports deep linking, you can now link directly into a video stream from a calendar reminder.  

We are very excited about the latest updates to the calendar experience in iOS 10. With CalReply, you can now push your event reminders to the #1 spot on mobile.