Brad Lindenberg (CEO, CalReply) and Bruce Buchanan (CEO, ROKT)

I'm proud and excited to share that CalReply has joined ROKT!

Five years ago we set out to build a lasting and valuable company with the aim to scale and serve millions of users around the world.

Through a few iterations of our original idea, we landed on CalReply, which has grown to become the world's leading calendar marketing platform for businesses aiming to drive real-time engagement for their media, broadcast and sport properties.  

Looking back over the last few years, our incredible team has built an innovative platform which was quickly adopted and embraced by the largest media outlets around the globe. Some of our customers include ITV, theSkimm, ESPN, UFC, NASCAR, IndyCar, MLB, NHL, Fox Sports, FOX, BT Sport and NFL Network to name a few. 

We have also powered calendaring solutions for the largest events on the planet including FIFA World Cup, RIO 2016 Olympics and the Rugby World Cup.

Over 4.5 million consumers in over 30 languages rely on our products to keep them informed across the 700 million reminders that have been triggered from our platform to date. 

To accelerate our strategic objectives, we have decided to merge our business into ROKT. ROKT is the world leader in post transaction marketing and have built an incredible technology that will enable our CalReply platform to become smarter and scale faster. 

Currently CalReply allows marketers to publish a relatively standardized set of events into subscribers calendars, however many of our customers are asking for more intelligent capabilities such as targeting all customers of a specific age or gender or those who have carried out an action on their website, similar to how intelligent email marketing platforms work. The ROKT technology will soon allow CalReply to bring these capabilities to market.

In addition to the technological benefits, ROKT is integrated into many of the world's largest eCommerce websites where they enable post transaction customer acquisition services for leading advertisers. The ROKT partner network receives over 100 million impressions a month, the majority of which are for online purchases that require an "add to calendar" action for the best user experience, for example concert bookings, flights and hotel reservations. This is the perfect place to expand CalReply's reach and enable customers to use the calendar as a means to connect with customers in a new and direct manner. Conversely our clients will be able to access the ROKT network and use it to drive calendar subscriber acquisition on a paid basis.

Most importantly, our team, product and ambitions are as strong as ever and will continue to be invested in. By combining resources with ROKT, we can accelerate our growth and momentum.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to what we will achieve together in the coming months and years ahead. 

- Brad Lindenberg, CEO