AMC Networks is known for producing quality programming like Better Call Saul, Into the Badlands and The Walking Dead (the highest-rated primetime show in America). To further serve their audiences, AMC has partnered with CalReply to bring detailed alerts to audiences moments before episodes air.

Subscribers can opt in to show calendars from the AMC website once to receive reminders for every episode of the season and all future seasons.


AMC has integrated REMIND ME buttons on their show pages as you can see above, and also into their weekly email newsletters to increase visibility of the CalReply offering.  The various newsletters provide consumers with valuable content such as videos, articles and podcasts to keep shows on AMC top-of-mind.  By including calendar buttons, AMC is ensuring that their already engaged audience, nurtured through email campaigns, remember to tune-in.  

Across the website and newsletters, REMIND ME buttons are placed in the header template next to the existing space reserved for airtimes.  Instead of relying on viewers to remember this date long after they’ve navigated away from the website or newsletter, calendar subscriptions will keep viewership up week after week.

Minutes before airtime, subscribers receive an alert including show and channel information.  To fully leverage the product,  the event can include enriched details like deep links to live-streams, app downloads, merchandising and more.