We are excited to announce a new option for integrating with CalReply alongside our API – webhooks!

You’ve probably seen many popular web services boast about how they’ve made real-time data delivery possible through webhooks, now it's our turn.

Webhooks are simple, yet powerful. When a subscription event takes place, in real-time we push it to a desired location – a URL endpoint of your choosing – then you do what you want with it.  For example you might want to push this data into a CRM or database that you own and manage so that you can enrich customer records with calendars they are subscribing to. 

Webhooks provide you with detailed and real-time subscription data without the need for you to log into your CalReply account and manually export these records and import them into another platform.

Webhooks Flow

The setup is simple. By registering a URL endpoint in your CalReply merchant centre you will be notified anytime a subscription event takes place. When the event occurs—for example, a successful subscription is created, CalReply creates an Event Object. This object contains all the relevant information about the event occurrence, including the type of event and the data associated with that event. CalReply then sends the Event Object to any specified URL endpoints via an HTTP POST request. All in real-time. 

Adding a Webhook

Adding a Webhook

Webhooks Notification History

Webhooks Notification History

What triggers a Webhook?:

  • Subscribe Event - A user subscribes to a calendar

  • Unsubscribe Event - A user unsubscribes from a calendar

What data will you receive?

Here is an example of the subscription Event Object that will be pushed to your endpoint

Subscribe Event Object Payload

Why use webhooks?

In a word, Insight. You will receive detailed subscription data as it happens, this interpretation of the data is endless and it's up to you to decide how the data makes sense to you, here are just a few ideas: 

  • Build an email marketing database using emails associated with each subscription
  • Understand the success of a social media campaign to promote a calendar vs subscribers acquired at that time
  • Get an understanding as to the popularity of calendar tags in a certain zip code
  • Find out  which day and time yields the greatest number of subscribers

So, now that we've built it you should start using it! You'll find all the information in our docs, including the simple setup process and Event Object details. 

P.S this is just the beginning we will be adding more triggers to the Webhooks offering over time 😉