Sirius XM, one of the largest subscription media companies in the U.S., has made it even easier for fans to find channels for their favorite content. It’s partnered with CalReply, the global leader in mobile calendar marketing, to drive tune-in on mobile devices by subscribing to the SiriusXM calendar.

Sirius XM tested CalReply’s technology last fall launching calendars for key sports including NFL, NASCAR, and college sports. After a successful launch in the sporting vertical, SiriusXM recently expanded its campaign to include live music.

The addition of SiriusXM to the CalReply family marks CalReply’s entrance into the radio industry.

SiriusXM is promoting its Add to Calendar functionality via radio ad spots and call center scripts. SiriusXM also allows fans to click on the “Add to Calendar” button on subscribe pages on its website and through banner ads.

Consumers who subscribe to sports or live events receive real-time reminders 15 minutes with the start and end time, the channel number, and event information automatically on their mobile calendars.


Since sporting events and live music are streamed on different channels, consumers often are challenged with finding their favorite  game or music event on the right channel. With the on-the-go-nature of satellite radio, CalReply helps fans find their favorite games or live music quickly, without the need to search multiple channels.

CalReply works with SiriusXM to include deep links in the event details of its calendar listings. Deep links direct subscribers to the Sirius website and offer helpful calendar information, including as event details and other links where users can take further action.

For more on how to use calendaring, contact your CalReply representative.