As one of the leading teams in the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers have no trouble finding fans. The team, however, wants to keep faithful followers up to date regarding when and where to watch the games. That’s why the Cavs expanded their partnership with CalReply, the global leader in mobile calendar marketing.

After having initial success with CalReply during prior seasons, the Cavs expanded and optimized their multifaceted campaign. How did they do it? The Cavs leveraged email, digital, and social channels to promote calendar subscriptions by capitalizing on preseason excitement to fuel calendar subscriptions.

With access to CalReply’s tools such as a channel finder and dynamic calendar updates, which populate calendars with game changes long after fans subscribe, the Cavs ensure fans never miss game notifications or updates.


Promotion Strategy

For the Cavs, the best time to promote is at the forefront of a season when a new schedule releases. That’s when fans are most engaged and they look forward to receiving game reminders throughout the season.

The Cavs kicked off their preseason promotion last August using multiple channels to drive calendar subscriptions, including social media. In addition to using Facebook posts and other social sites fans visit, the team explored other strategies to grow subscribers.

During the preseason campaign, the Cavs leveraged Instagram Stories, which let fans see the team schedule and open up a web page to subscribe to the calendar. The Cavs used Instagram because many fans interact with the channel and the strategy helped the team minimize its ad costs.

In addition, the Cavs dedicated space on their website in ads to drive calendar subscriptions. The Cavs also integrated “Add to Calendar” buttons on the schedule page of the team’s website.

The Cavs also promoted calendar subscriptions in blogs and articles on its website, as well as launched an email campaign supporting the effort.

Driving Results

The decision to launch a campaign prior to the NBA season played a crucial role in the team’s success with CalReply. When the season began, calendar subscriptions grew nearly 53% compared to the previous year. What’s more, the Cavs have retained 97% of those fans who subscribed to the calendar.

Since the team’s social efforts were so successful at the start of the season, the Cavs expanded their promotion to different global social channels this year.

By optimizing their campaign and exploring different strategies to grow subscribers, the Cavs are keeping subscribers active and maintaining calendar engagement.

With CalReply’s dynamic calendering technology, clients can realize similar results by following these best practices:

Develop a multi-faceted promotion: Make sure your campaign touches every marketing channel—email, digital, and social.

Include calendar reminder buttons in key channels: Ensure that you include calendar buttons in your email marketing, blogs, and social media.

Remember to use a Call-to-Action: Provide detailed instructions for users to click the calendar link. For example, use copy that “Click here to download reminders!"

Be timely: Plan well in advance to capture some of the consumer excitement and anticipation leading up to a big event.

Contact your CalReply account manager to learn more about how you can optimize your campaigns!