Events are at the core of the CalReply platform. When a fan subscribes to a calendar, they always add one or more events to their device. A calendar can contain many events which can be configured to reflect your schedule. 

Events can be set up individually or they can be set to recur daily, weekly, monthly or yearly as required.



Events can be set to specific time-zones so that no matter where the viewer is physically located, the event will appear at the correct time, adjusted to time difference between the viewers device, and the event time.

Alternatively separate events can be set up if the same event is set to take place across two different time-zones. CalReply will auto-detect the viewers time-zone and provide a drop down menu to change time-zones if required. 


Calendar events can be populated with notes that contain useful information about the event, or links to related services. Notes are edited with CalReply dashboard, and can be updated automatically by re-publishing a calendar.

Common uses of the notes section include event information, links to buy tickets and merchandise, links to download apps and links to view content via a deep link to a mobile app.