Remote Event Publishing

The ability to remotely publish event changes to subscriber calendars means that CalReply is a direct marketing channel that should be viewed as an investment in building a direct relationship between your business, and your fans mobile calendars.

In the same way that you aim to grow likes and followers across social networks, successful CalReply users focus on growing their subscribers within CalReply.

Once you have a strong following for a specific calendar event, you can remotely publish additional events to viewer calendars with a single click.

Publishing Calendars

Once a calendar has been set up it must be published before users can subscribe to it, however once a user subscribes to your calendar, you can edit these events and re-publish changes to your subscriber-base in real-time.

For example if the time-slot for an event changes, or a new event (or series of events) need to be added to the viewers calendars, you can do this via the dashboard. By re-publishing the calendar, CalReply will remotely update every subscriber calendar in real-time.


One of the greatest features of CalReply is Series Rollover. Series Rollover enables broadcasters to remotely update the calendar events in viewer calendars with details for the following season or series.

For example if a show has 100,000 subscribers for the 2014 season, prior to the 2015 season airing CalReply can publish the 2015 dates into the viewers calendars automatically. 

Networks can cut right through to the viewers calendar without investing large amounts of money on above the line promotions to try and get the viewer to remember to tune-in.