The Subscribe Page

Using the CalReply subscribe page, you can set up a permanent link from your website to your subscribe page where existing website visitors can subscribe to their favourite television shows or television events in a single click.

On the subscribe page, you can list different show calendars, or the same calendar in multiple languages or time-zones. The subscribe page will always be up to date with the latest event schedule reflecting each of the calendars that are set up in your CalReply dashboard, and if you want to disable a calendar from showing on this page you can do that too.

Subscribe Page (Desktop)

Subscribe Page (Mobile)

By adding a link from your website to your subscribe page you are broadening your ability to reach subscribers and providing website visitors with an easy to use way of receiving a reminder to watch their favourite content. 

Visitors can subscribe to multiple calendars via Outlook, Google or Webcal.

You can access your subscribe page by visiting You can also use your own domain name so that the URL of this page is white labeled.  Simply add your own domain in CalReply by choosing More > Domains then create a CNAME record for your domain that points to

When clicking a show, a pop-up appears where you can subscribe to the show calendar via Google Calendar, Apple iCal or Microsoft Outlook.


#SHOWS makes it possible for large and engaged television audiences to subscribe to multiple show calendars by Tweeting #SHOWS to your networks @handle - viewers will then receive a Twitter reply with a link to the subscribe page in response to an on-air TV promo.

To the right is an example of how you can integrate #SHOWS on-air,

To try it out, Tweet #SHOWS to @ITVME then refresh your Twitter notifications to view the reply. 

Promoting #SHOWS

We recommend creating a 30 second promo spot that is a generic mash-up containing snippets from your most popular content, then overlaying a large call-to-action coupled with a voice over to Tweet #SHOWS to your networks Twitter @handle. 

#SHOWS is an effective 'set and forget' strategy that can be set up to run year round as part of your overall on-air marketing campaign.


Click to enlarge to see the #SHOWS user experience


In the near future, we will be releasing our Custom Subscribe Pages feature which will enable you to create subscribe pages for specific content verticals such as Drama, Sport or Entertainment. For example viewers can Tweet #DRAMA your networks @handle to receive a reply that lists calendars that are Drama related.