Use TV + Twitter to grow subscriber volumes

CalReply enables TV networks to drive real-time engagement and ratings by enabling audiences to set calendar reminders in their smartphones by sending a Tweet in response to an on-air call-to-action.

During television commercials or within show content, audiences are prompted to send a ‘Tweet’ to add a show to their mobile calendar. Viewers that have added a show to their calendar receive a reminder alert 15 minutes before the show begins. As you can see below, a small overlay is placed on screen with a call-to-action containing a short code and a Twitter handle.

In this instance, the short code is WORLDCUP and the handle is @SBSTV.


Example television commercial with CalReply

Visit our examples page to see how broadcasters are using our technology.

How it works

Broadcasters add a Calendar Reminder overlay to their show promotions to activate TV programming and commercials so that viewers can set tune-in reminders while they watch. Viewers just have to send a Tweet to receive an instant Twitter reply notification with a link to add the show to their calendar.

3 easy steps

  1. Send a Tweet to the handle on screen e.g. Tweet ‘@SBSTV WORLDCUP’
  2. CalReply automatically replies with a Twitter reply notification and calendar page link
  3. Click Add to Calendar to add all episodes of the show to your mobile calendar

Drive Twitter engagement from within calendar reminders

Hashtags Integration

Empower viewers to follow or participate in the conversation instantly. By including a hashtag in the event reminder, viewers will know what hashtag to use when the show begins.

Integrate Twitter links into calendar notes

When a viewer opens a calendar reminder, the notes section within the reminder can be populated with links that open a new Tweet containing the show hashtag. Additionally a "follow the conversation" link can be added to open a search results page for the shows hashtag. All of this can be configured within the CalReply dashboard.

The hashtag #NBA is included in the reminder

The hashtag #NBA is included in the reminder